Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hello, Faithful Readers,

With this post, you skip ahead two chapters. You'll just have to read the book when it comes out to see the detail of what's covered in those chapters.


Only you know the best way for you to apply this workbook. Because your answers to the questions in the workbook will change over time, you may find it helpful to fill out your answers anew each time that you either repeat the first seven steps to create a 2,000 percent solution, you mentor someone or a team working on a 2,000 percent solution, or mentor someone who is mentoring those working on 2,000 percent solutions. If you decide to re-ask and re-answer the workbook’s questions, be sure to look at your former answers. Those answers will give you further clues as to where you need to focus.

For some, this will mean adding pages into the workbook. For others, a series of time sequential answers will appear beneath each question in the workbook. For those who write the most extensive answers, this may mean creating an electronic file with dated answers in it. Still others, having more than one copy of the workbook may be the easiest way to record answers over time.

Progress towards the theoretical or ideal best practice will vary a lot from organization to organization and from performance area to performance area. Many clients and students have created 2,000 percent solutions that put them five or ten years ahead of the future best practice without making much of a dent against the theoretical or ideal best practice. Others have immediately found 2,000 percent solutions that carved out a high percentage of the potential for moving towards the theoretical of ideal best practice. As your organization proceeds, you will want to carefully understand what your organization does when you achieve the latter that doesn’t happen when you accomplish the former result. We hope you will share what you learn with us.

We deeply appreciate your commitment to and efforts on behalf of creating 2,000 percent solutions. You are remaking our world into a better place in a way that few other efforts can hope to match. Thank you!

Copyright 2005 Donald W. Mitchell