Saturday, November 05, 2005

Table of Contents to The 2,000 Perent Solution Workbook




Part One: What Is a 2,000 Percent Solution?

Chapter 1: 2,000 Percent Solutions Are Available for Almost Any Activity

Chapter 2: Remove Stalls that Block 2,000 Percent Solutions

Part Two: Choose a 2,000 Percent Opportunity

Chapter 3: Select Opportunities that Help Performance in Many Areas

Chapter 4: Consider How Long It May Take to Create a 2,000 Percent Solution

Part Three: Apply the Stallbuster’s Guide in Eight Steps

Chapter 5: Step One: Understand the Importance of Measuring Performance

hapter 6: Step Two: Decide What New Measures Are Needed

Chapter 7: Step Three: Identify the Future Best Practice and Measure It

Chapter 8: Step Four: Implement Beyond the Future Best Practice

Chapter 9: Step Five: Identify the Theoretical Best Practice to Near Perfection

Chapter 10: Step Six: Pursue the Theoretical Best Practice to Near Perfection

Chapter 11: Step Seven: Identify the Right People and Provide the Right Motivation

Chapter 12: Step Eight: Repeat the First Seven Steps

Part Four: Help Others Learn How to Create and Implement 2,000 Percent Solutions

Chapter 13: Identify Values and Learning Styles and Adapt Your Assistance to Match

Chapter 14: How to Mentor Those Who Are Mentoring Others


2,000 Percent Solution Services

Copyright 2005 Donald W. Mitchell


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