Saturday, November 05, 2005

Acknowledgments for The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook


The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook was improved by assistance from many people over a number of years, and space does not permit us to thank each person individually. We hope that each person who contributed will know we appreciate and care about them and are indebted for what they did for this book.

Although we received much assistance, responsibility for any errors or missed opportunities are ours alone.

A few contributors deserve special mention. First, we would like to thank Robert Metz for co-authoring The 2,000 Percent Solution. Without his ideas, skill and dedication, that book would have been much less helpful to readers. Second, we would like to thank again all those we acknowledged in The 2,000 Percent Solution. This book is based on the concepts in The 2,000 Percent Solution, and the strengths of that work are carried into this book. Third, we were greatly assisted in developing these materials through experiences gained in our educational activities with hundreds of CEOs. Thank you for taking time to learn about 2,000 percent solutions and sharing your thoughts about how to create them in your own organizations. Fourth, many of these materials were tested with graduate students in business administration, and we appreciate their sharing with us the 2,000 percent solutions they created. As their solutions became better and better, we knew that we were on the right track with these materials.

Finally, we would like to thank each other for the great support and many contributions each made during the book’s development.

Copyright 2005 Donald W. Mitchell


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